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5 Blonding Tips for Beautiful Results

Jamie Newman | May 15, 2019 | 2:13 PM
Whitney Parr, based in Denton, Texas, says she creates a LOT of blondes in her salon and while educating.
Photo By Whitney Parr

It's the time of year when just about every client who sits in your chair wants to go lighter and brighter in some way. Whitney Parr, Wella Design Team artist and Master Color Expert-certified, shares her hit list of tips to get you through blonding seasons.

Always choose a low developer. "It does such more beautiful work because it lifts slowly and works the way its supposed to instead of hitting the hair hard," Parr says.

Pick a toner at the level you’re supposed to be toning at, or darker. "If she’s at a level 8, don’t tone at a level 9—it’s never going to work," Parr says. "I like toning at a level darker. Toning at a darker level will give you a prettier result. It’s not how a blonde leaves the salon, it’s how it looks six weeks from then. A true testament of a good hairdresser is how they make the hair look 6-8 weeks from when their guest leaves their chair."

Use a bond builder. "If the hair needs it or you can possibly make the strength even better than it was before, use a bond builder," she says. "The minute the hair’s integrity is gone, shine is gone."

Thicker is always quicker. "The thicker the lightener is, the quicker it’s going to work."

Seal the hair. "Whether it’s UV protection or very acidic, I’ll use a semi-permenant gloss or a clear gloss—something to seal the blonde even more," Parr says.

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