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From Grown-Out Roots to Even, Cool Blonde with Dimension

Anne Moratto | May 31, 2019 | 10:14 AM
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She is one of our all-time favorite blonders and Gabie Vossler @gabievossler delivers another light, bright blonde finish, along with a strong new shape for her client.

“I’ve been highlighting my client’s hair a few times to gently lift to this level,” she explains. “As it’s shown in the before picture, the grow-out and mid to ends had two distinctive colors to blend together. As expected, the first session still had quite a bit of her natural, but was much more blended.”


Phase two: “I continued to highlight in tight, thin sections for max lift.”

Phase three:  “I did one more highlight session in thin, babylights foils and we achieved our goal. I used purple conditioner to gently tone and not take her down in level.”   Haircut: “In phase two, my client decided she wanted to go quite a bit shorter (which we had to keep in mind, knowing that would also remove a lot of the previous blonde). Before highlighting I removed the length, then went back in and refined the cut at the end after highlighting/shampooing.” The consultation: “I am a firm believer in taking sessions to achieve bright blonde. The hair health is priority. Depending on the starting level and end goal, I talk about a general time frame of how long it may take to get there, then how often they will need to come in to maintain. I also go over addition services depending on the look they are going for (shadow rooting, toning, basebreak, treatments, etc) and of course pricing and home care.

 Example: Full highlights: $185 (without haircut), toner: $35, shadow root: $35. 

 “This is a great time to also mention a few salon policies like your cancellation policy and have a color waiver for new guests.”

Formulas: Lightener + 10 v volume around the hairline, 20 volume in back, 30 volume last section Removed front foils first for hair health.

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