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Kenra Professional Launches Color Voice Assistant For Amazon Alexa

Kendra Rodriguez | June 4, 2019 | 1:47 PM
The Kenra Color Voice Assistant Skill, an industry first hands-free smart assistant feature, available on Amazon Alexa.
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Kenra Voice Assistant Color Bar
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The Kenra voice assistant box.
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Kenra is bringing the future of hair care to salons this year with the Kenra Color Voice Assistant Skill, a hands-free smart assistant feature, available on Amazon Alexa. The innovative tool will allow professional stylists to focus on client care and alleviate the messiness of digging into a color manual.

The assistant offers three primary educational areas: color conversions, mixing instructions and processing times. With the hands-free assistant - industry professionals will be able to get the information they need quickly without skipping a beat.

"We believe that voice is the perfect technology for the private color bar section of the salon, and we continue on our mission to find and develop simpler, more efficient ways to combine tech innovation with education, specifically for our professional stylists," said Ryan Brown, digital director at Kenra Professional.

The AI assistant offers conversion support for the top twenty-five permanent shades of the industry's leading brands. Additionally, the feature works fast to determine best mixing ratio for Kenra Color permanent and demi-permanent lines, including often tricky gray coverage ratio.

One of the most familiar smart assistants in the United States today, Amazon Alexa is being utilized more and more by businesses as individuals are starting to understand the productivity advantages of the device.

"Voice is one of the fastest-growing segments in the technological industry. We firmly believe that voice is the future in private spaces of homes and businesses," added Brown. "From smart speakers to portable smart headphones, the frictionless, time-saving aspects of voice technology will only accelerate the adoption."

Now professional hair stylists can get in on the trend as the tool enables them to work better, in turn, boosting salon reputation and services. The feature is available on the Amazon Alexa Skill Store, with plans to further update the tool and develop its abilities for later this year. Kenra has dedicated much effort into researching and creating additional tools that could be utilized through the Amazon Alexa, promising to "solve tomorrow's issues, today."

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