Mauve Opal Formula

Anne Moratto | June 6, 2019 | 11:31 AM
Photo By Laila Patterson (@laila.wella) Photo 1 of 3
Photo By Laila Patterson (@laila.wella) Photo 2 of 3
Photo By Laila Patterson (@laila.wella) Photo 3 of 3

Laila Pettersen (@laila.wella), is a Wella Educator in Norway and a self-professed “colour addict.”

"Still getting blown away by Opal Essence Silver Mauve," she says of this jewel-tone finish. 

She may have introduced us to one of our favorite new things, too—nails that match hair color.  Here the nails are by Camilla Henricksen (@_camillahenriksen_) and the hair is by Pettersen who works out of her salon, @gozzipfrisor 


Roots:  Wella Color Touch 3:1 10/81+0/68 with 1,9%

Lengths: Wella Illumina Color Opal Essence Silver Mauve 1:1 with 1,9% Pastel 


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