HOW TO: Bow-Braid Hat Updo

Anne Moratto | November 19, 2012 | 11:49 AM

HOW TO: Bow-Braid Hat UpdoAt the Carlton Hair “Café Society” 2012 Awards for Excellence Hair Show and Competition, the theme was the understated glamour and beautiful people of New York, Paris and London in the 1920’s and 1930’s. 

HOW TO: Bow-Braid Hat UpdoKatie Galvan, salon manager and master stylist at Carlton Hair in Brea, CA, showcased this unique Bow Braid Hat Up-Do for her team’s entry into the salon team competition.  Katie shared her steps for this intricate creation:

  HOW-TO:  Bow Braid Hat Up-Do

 Step 1.  Start with a nice smooth blow-dry using Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion and Hairdressers Invisible Oil to create a smooth canvas to work with.  Blow dry all the hair from the top of the crown to the ears forward towards the face and the rest of the hair in the back straight down.  Make sure it is nice and smooth with no volume.

 Step 2.  Take a circular section in the middle of the head using the top of the crown as the center focal point and clip out of the way.  There should be 2-3 inches left out all around the perimeter. 

 Step 3.  Starting just behind the ear begin to French braid the perimeter hair at the base of the nape only adding hair to one side.  Continue to braid along the hairline up and hanging over the middle of the ear across the forehead and back over the other ear until you reached your original starting point.  Braid any remaining hair in a regular braid and line along side where you started following the french braid fold around the hair ends and booby pin in place.

 Step 4.  Separate the circular section into four equal sections, again using the top of the crown as the guide point.  

 Step 5.  Begin taking small pie shaped sections and spray with Bumble and Bumble Does It All and Semi Sumo to smooth out and fly aways and create a light hold.  Wrap the hair around your finger and twist pinch with other hand and remove finger so you have a small loop just a little past the braid.

 Step 6.  Use a large hair pin stick the closed end in through the braid under one loop about half way so that the open side is facing downward.  

 Step 7.  Put the loop of hair through the hair pin and pull the hair about half way through.  Using your fingers to hold onto the looped hair slowly pull the hair pin back out the way you inserted it. 

 Step 8.  Pull both the hair pin and loop of hair at the same time to create a even bow.  Remove hair pin and tuck any leftover ends under the pie shaped section. 

 Step 9.  Continue the process all around the hair spray the finished product with Bumble and Bumble Classic Hair Spray.

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