American Crew's New Collection: 20+ Images of Men's Hair

Alison Alhamed | November 26, 2012 | 1:28 PM
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During American Crew's Opening Night event, one of the highlights was the debut of the 2013 American Crew Collection, Crewcial. The collection is the American Crew All-Stars' interpretation of the well-groomed man. Crewcial cuts were designed to blur the line between classic and trend. Duality is the statement with each of the three looks featuring two distinctively different finishes.

Meet Baxter, the longest cut in the collection—and American Crew’s updated version of the bowl cut. Baxter can be worn in the classic, smooth finish using American Crew’s Boost Cream or switched up to flaunt the natural texture with the new American Crew Alternator.

Hugo features a bold square shape that achieves gravity-defying hold with American Crew’s Defining Paste and a Mason Pearson brush to offer a natural finish. Hugo’s elegant, off-the-face look is mastered with a comb and the ultimate holding power of American Crew Superglue to provide that stay put, high shine finish.

Sam masters duality with a single application of Alternator, the new reshapable spray product from American Crew. Worn down or pushed back, the look can be changed in an instant without another application of product. It’s great for guys who can’t make up their mind.

Want to see more men's looks your male clientele may want to try during his next hair cut? Download the American Crew Stylist App!

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