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Red Lips 101

David Maderich | November 27, 2012 | 1:05 PM

Red lips are the perfect holiday accessory.  I mean, nothing says hello to the holidays more than red lips.

 As a makeup artist, I can’t tell you how many clients moan and groan about the perils of red lips.  Too messy, too clownish, doesn’t stay put…the list can go on and on.

 Here are my three steps for perfect red lips.

  1.  The key to red lip success is a precise application of lip pencil.  Sharpen your pencil to a point and carefully outline and fill in the entire mouth  - be careful not to exaggerate the lip line or you will look like Joan Crawford.  By filling in the entire mouth,  you will ensure a long lasting lip color and avoid that dreaded Tammy Faye “pencil around the mouth” look” that always occurs mid-evening – or when a picture is taken.
  2. Next, apply your lip color with a brush.  Again, careful and precise strokes will avoid a messy lip line.  When your line is perfected, pat your lips with a puff of translucent powder and reapply a second coat of lip color.  Finish with a final puff of powder  – this powder perfection step ensures the lips will last all night. As for lipstick formulas, I a prefer a matte red (try Your Name Cosmetics Luxury Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet) for sophisticated old school glamour as well as color longevity. If lips are dry, apply a dab of non-glossy lip balm for a slight shine. 
  3.  Finally, the key to pulling off a red-lipped smile is to leave the face bare and neutral.  Clean brows, black mascara and flawless matte skin play nicely with red lips.

 Now go out and paint the town red. Follow me on twitter @davidmaderich


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