Aveda's Neo Gothic Collection: Full Spectrum Color

Alison Alhamed | November 28, 2012 | 2:35 PM
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The Lenore Look features an off-center triangular section to create panels of light and medium browns with violet and red pure tones.
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The Carmina Look uses arched partings and a panel in the nape to create a finish that showcases intense bordeaux and a combination of light and dark red violets.
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The Seraphina Look uses a scalloped parting to create a top and bottom panel of intense scarlet and vermillion combined with dark blonde and pure pigment red.
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The Violet Look technique, prelightened using Enlightener Powder Lightener, uses semicircular sectioning and fine weaves,paired with violet and dark red tones.
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In the Neo Gothic collection, the Aveda Artistic Team transformed gothic romanticism of the past into silhouettes that accentuate raw beauty of the future using Full Spectrum Color. Shades and tone play with the illusion of shadow by melting unique colors together. By using deep, dark tones at the base, and bright through the lengths, it accentuates the brightness and movement in lengths. When the hair is up all that is seen is bold, vibrant color.

“We took inspiration from Japan this season—the big eyes of manga cartoons, the brightness of anime traditional geisha silhouettes,” says Allen Ruiz, artistic director for styling. “The styles are iconic in design, yet feel modern, even futuristic—and have our collection’s gothic edge.”

Creative Direction: Antoinette Beenders
Color: Ian Michael Black
Cut: Ricardo Dinis
Styling: Allen Ruiz
Make-up: Janell Geason
Photography: Jenny Hands

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