TIP OF THE DAY: Red Lips for Holiday

Maggie Mulhern | November 29, 2012 | 8:07 AM

Everyone was chatting about red lips at our photoshoot yesterday. We all gathered around make up artist David Maderich asking advice on HOW TO create and maintain the perfect holiday lip this season. The Trop twins were visiting (Lindsey is the PR representative for Nioxin and Allison is an aspiring hairdresser) and were concerned that  the ruby shade would not necessarily work with their coloring.

What an opportunity! I offered the microphone to Lindsey and asked her to get the scoop directly from David and learn while he designed the perfect red lip on her mirror image.

The 2 most important points, according to David:

1. Work WITHIN the lines of the lips to prevent from going "Joan Crawford"

2. Apply translucent powder over the base shade to keep in place for hours.

Check out this 2 minute video and then weigh in on Modern's Facebook and let us know which works best on the or nude!

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