COLLECTION: Fall Runway Inspired Jewel Toned Hair Styles

Lauren Salapatek | November 29, 2012 | 1:25 PM

This Clive and Co. collection takes inspiration from the fall runways where Jewel tones were very prevalent and mixed with versatility in all fabrics. Their hair cuts, although strong, shadow the mixed shapes of the fall clothing.

Havilah (green): In this case the hair is pushed to its longest point to create a technically cut faux hawk using the hairs natural growth pattern. The hair was pre-lightened following the shorter-to-longer feeling so that the color is more intense at the longer points. The pre-lightened hair was then colored emerald green following the influence of the fall runway jewel tones.

Ivy (red): This asymmetric style was created for a mix of strength, softness and versatility. The sides where undercut using scissor over comb to add the strong architectural shape while the top lends the softer, more textured feel. This style can also be pushed backwards for the pompadour effect. The color was applied at the roots to add dimension, lift and to give a ‘lit from above’ effect.

Kaia (blue): This style was inspired by the pill box hat. Meant to be square and angular. The color complimented the cut by adding dimension and a glowing effect to the front hairline. Again, the strong blue tones followed what was seen on fall runways.


Hair: Clive and Co.

Photography: Phoenix Taylor

Make-up: Kaia Bellanca

COLLECTION: Fall Runway Inspired Jewel Toned Hair Styles

COLLECTION: Fall Runway Inspired Jewel Toned Hair Styles

COLLECTION: Fall Runway Inspired Jewel Toned Hair Styles

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