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Behind the Cover: December 2012

Maggie Mulhern | December 3, 2012 | 2:49 PM

Behind the Cover: December 2012Candace Bossendorfer knows one of the most important elements in a beautiful finish is choosing the right model to showcase your look. With a goal of having her work grace the December cover of MODERN SALON, Bossendorfer didn’t leave anything to chance.

“This session was so much more than just doing great hair color and great finishing,” she says, “it really was about picking the right model.” Bossendorfer should know about picking the right model. It was modeling that first introduced her to the industry. In the early ’90s Bossendorfer made her living traveling the world as a dancer and hair model for many of the biggest names in the industry.

“I would spend much of that time in total admiration of the hairdressers creating those looks on me and all of the models,” she says. “I was in awe of their mastery, artistry and talent. It was inspiring.”

Behind the Cover: December 2012Bossendorfer decided to take action and join the hair world professionally. While still modeling, dancing and touring, she would spend as many hours as she could at beauty school. “It took years,” she says, “but I eventually earned my license. The whole time I knew I wanted to be a platform artist and educator.”

Behind the Cover: December 2012Now, as a licensed professional for more than 12 years, Bossendorfer’s goal has been realized. She still travels the world, but now on stage—not as a dancer/ model—but as a platform artist for Aloxxi. And her “indirect training for education” has been put to good use. In MODERN's New York studios, she described each step in her color and style work on her model as if talking to a room overflowing with hairdressers and colorists.

“I learned from the best on how to create beautiful finishes and more importantly, how to share that information,” she says. “I hope to inspire others.”


Behind the Cover: December 2012

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