COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

Lauren Salapatek | December 19, 2012 | 1:11 PM

The collection Visage D'Anges by the Angels Art Team features a mixture of textures all captured in black and white photography. Many of these looks were inspired by pure fashion and the latest catwalk trends. See the inspirations below.


HAIR: Angels Art Team, Angels

MAKE-UP: Maddie Austin

FASHION STYLING: Desiree Lederer



COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

This model inspired the whole collection, and because her features were so beautiful and fierce, she is titled the 'Lioness.'  The multi-textures and colors in the hair, albeit captured in black and white truly bring this image to life. The fluid movement of hair encompasses the whole face shape.


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

Our lady Chicago--film star beauty with glossy locks and a strong shape depict fashion at its best. Teamed with the perfect styling makes this shot stand out.


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

Bigger and bigger was the aim here. These rolls were the focus—it’s all about using strong, basic hairdressing skills with a session twist! The color was used to enhance the illusion of depth to this image.


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

We wanted to create a soft, commercial and wearable look. We wanted people to say, “I want that hair!” Our models full lips emphasize the beauty of this shot, with a focus on the pure blonde tones.


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

This shot is all about symmetry and color. The smudge effect across the fringe mirrors the symmetry of the hair cut.


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

This is our serpent girl. This shot is so animalistic it almost comes to life when you look at it! It's art at its best... this hair took many hours or perfecting to get right but was worth it. 


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

Inspired by pure fashion and latest cat walk trends, the wet to dry feel and the matte textures of the hair really bring this shot to life and create an edgy innocence to the collection.


COLLECTION: Visage D'Anges

A tower of hair, inspired by the Shard in London, color being the sunlight hitting the Shard to give the feel of fluidity as it rises. Body and shape were essential in this image and the strength of the model's face to pull it off.


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