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Your 2013 Astrology Forecast

Carlos Valenzuela | December 28, 2012 | 6:03 PM

Latinos love fortune tellers, bruja stories, cards, Ouija boards. Who wouldn’t want to know their futuro? There are some impostors, like the one I blew $20 on at the County Fair, but, I bet you, como yo, can’t help but crack open that fortune galleta. Your 2013 Astrology Forecast

I consulted Jyoti, a Colorado based astrologer with 40+ years experiencia. Astrologers consult the cielos and believe in a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the world. This is no Quija board shuffle and, the reading can have pinpointed accuracy with a birth date and time. I listened to Jyoti’s reading and was blown away! So, I asked for a “beauty salon professional” forecast. Aqui is what she saw:

 Aries: Expect the unexpected! Freedom is vital. Professional relationships transform. Communications thrive. That book you want to write or that conversation you want to have, now is the time! Dreams may be very revealing. Finances may be linked to travel. Adventure awaits!

Taurus: Travel with a partner is possible. You want deeper conversations. Marriage for some, signing legal documents for others. Expansion of finances. Dreams and visions may come to you. Business/career opportunities are energized. Be ready!

 Gemini:  Daily life feels bigger. Opportunities come to you to do the things you want to do. Community work may draw you. Take care of health: exercise, check diet. A stabilizing job situation for some. Relationships are seductive and you learn a lot. Pack your bags! Travel ahead.

 Cancer: Relationships are key. Look at what is important to you. There’s a guardian angel at your shoulder. Have no fear! A sense of adventure and risk-taking around work. Artistic endeavors want an outlet. Bring out the camera or paint brushes. It will feed you!

 Leo: Work and business relationships are focus. Going into business with a partner could work. Social life expands and nurtures you. Family feels solid, place of refuge. Buying a house or land possible for some in the next two years. Money through creativity. Pay attention to health. Don’t procrastinate!

 Virgo: Children and artistic pursuits are focus. Do you paint, draw, photograph, throw dinner parties? You are transforming the way you see yourself. Home and family feel supportive. Turn workplace disagreements into cooperation opportunities. Career expands. Go for it!

 Libra: Focus is on family: parents, children. You draw different kinds of people to relate with. They bring a new perspective. Alternative healing methods help you: massage, herbs, yoga, exercise. This year is about getting down to what’s true for you. You may be nurtured through travel.

 Scorpio: Taking responsibility for making your dreams a reality is vital. Possible money flow, changes in home and where you live. Healing issues from childhood may happen for some. Nurturing sensual/sexual experiences may find you. Be open!

 Sagittarius: Risk-taking, sense of adventure, self-love and self-appreciation are focus. Relationships expand and flourish. Be of service where possible. If something doesn’t feel right, you can’t do it, no matter what the reward. Jump into what does feel good and don’t look back!

 Capricorn: It’s about you making the first move in business and personal relationships and not waiting for the other person. You may surprise yourself and transform in front of your own eyes. Work and health may flourish. A move is possible. You may find yourself teaching others what you know.

 Aquarius: Energized! Ready to go! You want to make something happen. Putting foundations in place in career and may formally teach others. Writing, speaking, networking. Social events are plentiful. Deep changes for the better in how you see yourself. Have fun!

 Pisces: Be clear with yourself. Don’t look at life through rose-colored glasses right now. Friendships will change. Career may expand. Home and family flourish and nurture you. Beauty and fashion infuse your professional life. If traveling, have some educational piece in your itinerary. It will off set delays. Others find you magnetic!

The Best of the Holidays and New Year to You,

Carlos Valenzuela

JyotiWind : an Astrologer, student of Metaphysics, writer for 43+years,[email protected]
Carlos Valenzuela, a Latino marketing consultant, licensed cosmo instructor, author, and motivational speaker. Contact Carlos at [email protected]
Twitter: @getcarlos01

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