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January 2, 2013 | 11:19 AM
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RETRO ROCK :: Danielle Keasling of Salon Karma in Bluffton, South Carolina, brought Khristina Reinheardt to work with her on this, her third Artist Session visit. Retro Rock, as she calls her finish is created from a micro-crimped base, which was enhanced by crimped and pre-set wefts from HairUWear.
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ELEGANT EDGE :: Jane Ambrosi of Belle Epoque in Kansas City, Missouri, titled her look Elegant Edge because she believed it offered the best of all worlds. “My inspiration behind this look was to keep it classic yet add some edge and movement in the hair.” To create the look, Ambrosi set the hair with barrel curls to create a starting base. The hair was then backcombed to create texture and body along the top half of the head while smoothing the sides. To complete the finished look, Ambrosi added texture to the ends by backcombing in an upward motion using the tips of her fingers.
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TEXTURED GLAMOUR :: “To achieve this look I used assorted irons and tools to create maximum fullness with a rough finish,” says Rose Fraser, owner of Hair Reflections in Birmingham, Alabama, who was assisted by Brittney Montz. Fraser used an extra small curling iron, The Verge by ONE Styling Bubble Wand and Sam Villa’s crimping iron to accomplish this heavily textured silhouette with an overall glamorous feeling.
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MUG SHOTS :: Tiffany Laing of Heaven the Salon Experience, Winchester, Virginia, created a “modern yet glamorous rebel,” she says. “The inspiration behind Mug Shots is the classic Americana bad girl. She is a very retro classic criminal with a more dark and edgy feel.”
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Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich for Camera Ready Cosmetics
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa
Nails: Patricia Yankee for Dashing Diva

Unbound Artist Session, MODERN’s exclusive photoshoot workshop, is designed to guide professional stylists in their quest to become freelance hairdressers, discover techniques to create beautiful photographs and learn from experts in the field. The hair designers who took the most recent Artist Session decided that hair should either be big, wide or high for the new year. “Or at least heavily textured,” says Diana Macaluso, whose asymmetrical finish is gracing this month’s cover.

“Volume is back. It’s virtually impossible to create any kind of voluminous finish without texture,” says Tiffany Laing of Heaven The Salon Experience. Although Laing’s finish appears sleek, she admits it is chock-full of volumizing techniques. “I used just about every texturizing tool in my kit to create internal texture,” she says. “If you dig deep, there is some wonderful non-uniform texture beneath the smooth outer layer.”

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