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Salons Battle in El Paso

Carlos Valenzuela | January 8, 2013 | 10:17 AM

Looking to escape the January tristeza? There’s a bit of “que pasa?” right after the busy holidays, isn’t there? Nothing perks the espirito like amicable competition. Here’s a shake it up idea from the El Paso dinamicos beauty professionals:Salons Battle in El Paso

Jessica Bustamante-Soto, a trendy peluquera and Joico educator from El Paso,TX, recently showcased six local salons in a “total look” competition for the El Paso consumer. Jessica teamed up with local producer Allen Bochmeyer, aka “DJ Popeye,” and David Madrid, to stage an event for over 500 beautiful attendees to view the salon battle,dance, and party until 4:00 AM. Cuidado con El Paso: practice your moves and wear your spinning zapatos, it’s a happenin’ place!




Six El Paso salons and one school had exactly 10-minutes to impress judges Dwight Miller and Charlet Pelissier-Riddell from Salon Santa Fe, Martin Chairez, Joico Educator for Latin America, Robert Josef Jendrzejczyk from Robert Josef Studio, Dallas, and, yours truly. We saw amazing classic, trendy and avant-garde looks throughout the evening. It wasn’t facil, at one point you could cut the energy with a cuchillo, but, in the end, a very close vote gave Bali Salon and Spa the nod. Congratulations!

Buena suerte comes in dos, because the event inspired Christopher Jones, director of Another Kind of Hero, a reality series on ABC- El Paso,spotlighting everyday Latino lives, to invite Jessica and fab makeup artist Vanessa Camarena to create avant-guard hair and makeup looks for the series.

“Dream big and never give up on your dreams. Nothing comes easy; it is only over time that dreams really shine. Cultivate your talent, because when you have talent, there is nothing you can’t succeed at,” is Jessica’s motto. We look to great creatividad from the team of Jessica, Vanessa, DJ Popeye, and David in the near futuro.

Carlos Valenzuela 

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