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New Guest Blogger, Harold Leighton: Telling Stories About Hair

Harold Leighton | January 10, 2013 | 9:39 AM

A very healthy and Happy New Year to Modern Salon and American Hairdressers! It’s good “chatting you up” as we say in London—sorry, “blogging”! This is new to me so let’s enjoy one another and learn together. New Guest Blogger, Harold Leighton:  Telling Stories About Hair

 I’ve been in the hair biz for quite a while so there’s a lot in there to come and shout about.  You may not always agree with everything I say, but it will be an interesting journey.

 For the first time in my journalistic career I am going to blog and post about hair, style, fashion, photography, hair personalities, all exclusive to Modern Salon.

 I want to introduce a little excitement into my journey of blogging and bring to the table what encouraged and motivated me to learn about hair.  We’ll talk about how to fingerwave and pincurl and handle hair, how to follow the natural growth of hair; this is so important for cutting as it gives your fingers and hands dexterity and gives your eye balance to shape and style the client sitting in your chair. This is an integral part of hairdressing.

 It is the teaching methods that gives one the foundation, just like an architect building a skyscraper--he has to understand what goes on down in the lower basement! Please don’t think it will make you an old fashioned hairdresser; it will make you an even better and more modern crimper, understanding how hair works and how much easier it will be to work within your future creations.

 Just think of all those great hairdressing names that are platform artist from yesterday and today, yes,even Vidal Sassoon was taught these methods and look what it did for this great man!


Harold Leighton


Harold Leighton is a hairdresser, publicist and advisor to the hairdressing industry.  His book “Haircutting for Everyone” published by Arthur Barker, is available on Amazon. “This is my bible relevant to almost everything you would need to know about hair.”

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