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ISSE Long Beach: A Latino Guide

Carlos Valenzuela | January 21, 2013 | 9:33 AM

This weekend I head to the port of Long Beach for the first spin of the show season, the International Salon Spa Expo. I don’t know about you, but unless I make a plan, when I get to an expo the tide carries me away. I wind up not seeing, learning, and meeting the people I wanted. So, here is my attack plan for the weekend:

ISSE Long Beach: A Latino Guide Sunday, the 27th

I fly in from Arizona @ 9:01 on US Airways, I wonder how many of us will be on that flight? Would love to say hello or meet you, if so. Drop off bags at hotel, and since I already purchased my tickets online, (have my confirmation number) I hope to rush through the entrance mechanics. 

 Once at the Convention Center here is the route I will follow,
feel free to hang with me, we can chat up the looks...

9:30 AM “2013 Latino Collection” by Anthony Padilla and Joaquin Regalado: an explosion of shape, color and style: Room: Stage Right.

9:30 AM “From Conception to Realization” with Steve Elias, a NAHA winner and editorial stylist teaching how to create that perfect photo shoot. Room 204 (repeats on Monday 9:30 Room 204)

10:00 AM “Hair Extension Certification” with Ruben Martinez. Get certified as an extension specialist and learn a variety of methods. Room 101B

 2:30 PM “The Comb” with Joaquin Regalado, learn how to use your comb in a new, revolutionary way for precision cuts. Room 102C

 2:00 PM “The Bombshell” with Steve Elias, this hands on workshop is worth every penny to learn how to create styles from Monroe to Bardot. Room 201B

 Sunday night dinner: I will try and squeeze into Opera Restaurant about a block away from convention center. Everyone is there. ;-)

 Monday, the 28th

6:00 AM A 30-minute walk around the bay.

 9:30 AM “From Conception to Realization” with Steve Elias, a NAHA winner and editorial stylist teaching how to create that perfect photo shoot. Room 204 (also Sunday @ 930AM)

12:00 PM “Intro to Extension Methods” with Ruben Martinez, Learn the basics of three methods. Room 203C

1:30 PM “The Art of Hairstyling” with Julian Macias, from Chihuahua, Mexico. Learn to create art and fashion with simple techniques from building foundation to cultivating texture. Room: Center Stage

 2:00 PM “Bridging the Gap” with Gustav Mendoza. Learn to become proficient with clippers and achieving the perfect taper. Room 203A

 2:00 PM “3-D Mixed Media” Nail Technology with Mireya Cardona. Learn how to paint 3-D flowers. Room Arena 7

2:00 PM “The Edwardian Era” with Steve Elias. Can’t get enough of Downton Abbey’s tea dresses & styles. Join the club and this hands on workshop to learn how to create them. Room 201B

3:30 PM “Advanced Color Cutting” with Raul Martez. Learn to apply three different color tones in one application for amazing results. Room Stage Right

4:30 Farewell cocktails somewhere with my show mates. And, off to the airport around 6:00 PM.

I will be posting show photos on Twitter @getcarlos01  (follow me).
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 Hasta la vista...

 Carlos Valenzuela is a Latino market consultant, author of i-Fabulous Life Skills, cosmetologist, educatorand motivational speaker.
Contact Carlos at [email protected]

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