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Ted Gibson Announces Advanced Academy

Jan Hillenmeyer | January 24, 2013 | 10:16 AM

New York City salon owner, celebrity stylist and editorial artist Ted Gibson has created looks and styles that have appeared in leading publications, on television and at industry events worldwide. Gibson is sharing the techniques and tricks that make him and his artistic team international style setters. The Ted Gibson Advanced Academy, with locations in New York City and Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida, has a schedule of classes , beginning in March 2013 that will include  Technique to Trend, Backstage to the Runway, Celebrity Couture and The $1200 Haircut. “I believe that education is how we feed our souls and our lives,” says Gibson. 

Technique to Trend, held at the 5th Ave. New York location March 10-11 and in Florida April 28-19 is a two day hands-on cutting class that teaches the techniques essential for creating the current client and celebrity looks with Gibson’s Trifecta Haircutting System.

Backstage to the Runway (Ft Lauderdale Beach June 23-24 and 5th Ave. September 29-October 1) is a two-day hand-son styling class focuses on editorial styling and teaches stylist how to take Fashion Week runway looks back to the salon.

Celebrity Couture ( 5th Ave. July 28-29 and Ft. Lauderdale Beach October 20-21) is a two-day session on cutting and styling “statement” hair, inspired by Gibson’s roster of celebrity clients and designed to bring red carpet looks to the salon.

The $1200 Haircut, held October 27-28 at the 5th Ave. New York location includes a two-day workshop and one-on-one time with Gibson in class and at a dinner to learn how to maximize career achievements and make a haircut worth $1200. Visit

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