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Irvine and Louise Rusk Educate RUSK Team Members

Jan Hillenmeyer | January 24, 2013 | 2:01 PM

The RUSK Creative Team came to Boston recently for three days to learn more about the Bespoke Collection, the 2013 trend release shown exclusively in Modern Salon in the February, 2013 issue.

 “The purpose of the training is to provide the RUSK Creative Team with a rigorous, hands-on training under the tutelage of industry icons Irvine and Louise Rusk,” says Heather Simmons, VP Rusk Marketing and Education.

Ten members of the team from North America spent three days at the James Joseph Salon breaking down the looks under the guidance of RUSK Artistic Director Gerard Caruso and RUSK Creative Team Member Andor Bubelenyi.  The Team will now go out and train members of the RUSK Design Force at the Junior Master, Master and Senior Master levels.

For 2013, RUSK will focus on key pillars of the brand: Fashion+Culture+Attitude.  According to Simmons, “We focus our RUSK branding and marketing initiatives around these pillars through our sponsorships of Fashion Week, support of the cultural arts, (with a specific focus on 'indies') and with 'Attitude'  through our visual expressions of   the avant garde side of RUSK.  Attitude is expressed through our designers' work as seen on platform and through our annual Collections and forums that give us the freedom to experiment and push creative boundaries.” 

RUSK also supports its team members by providing a platform for their independent work with  photo shoots for the company’s Style  Source publication and through sponsorship and support of their pursuit of industry awards. Visit

Irvine and Louise Rusk Educate RUSK Team Members              













Irvine and Louise Rusk Educate RUSK Team Members

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