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Farouk Systems Appoints Feldshon Senior Vice President of Sales

Anne Moratto | February 7, 2013 | 3:44 PM

  Farouk Systems has announced that Stuart Feldshon, Senior Vice President of Sales in North America and Canada, will now oversee national chain business. Feldshon joined the Farouk Systems team in 1998 as the Northeast Regional Sales Manager.

 "Our strategy is to give an opportunity of growth to our loyal employees. Stuart has been with Farouk for 15 years and in this additional responsibility gives him a broader perspective of our business,” said Andre Chiavelli, Executive VP of Global Corporate Strategy.

 Beverly Kruegel, Director of Business Development, and her team of regional sales managers, Mariam Schragel and Shelley Aguilar, will now report to Feldshon.

 "This allows me to be involved in more divisions of our company and add support as needed for our business partners. Beverly and her team are dialed in with their accounts and will be a great resource for me to work with to better serve our customers," said Feldshon.


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