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My Thoughts on the Grammys: Thumbs Up, Jennifer Lopez

Harold Leighton | February 12, 2013 | 3:57 PM

Although not too keen on the new music these days and feeling a bit tired after writing most of the day, I turned the TV on for The Grammys and thought,"Just ten minutes and then early shut-eye for Harold."

My Thoughts on the Grammys: Thumbs Up, Jennifer Lopez To my surprise and amazement from the first star--Taylor Swift--I was impressed. Wow, she looked amazing. It continued from one act to another until I finally did fall asleep around 10pm.

 My Thoughts on the Grammys: Thumbs Up, Jennifer LopezThis was some show. The girls following Taylor Swift were working it. Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert (her dress should have been six inches longer, though) Rihanna (another beautiful young lady) and Kelly Clarkson (no to the center part!). Lopez looking awesome; her black one shoulder with one leg exposed – she was ‘all woman’ and her hair was FAB (crimpers in Hollywood, take note). I just loved how she was put together-- the ‘BEST’ to date from all the award shows. Lopez is one hell of a good looking woman! (in my opinion)

 Even the men were looking great, the clothes they wore, especially the black and white jackets, eveoking an image from the sixties with the plastic looking skiwear from ‘Vey d Vey’. It was a show that should make the stylists and session hHairdressers take note in Hollywood, prepping and getting their images ready for the superstars on the red carpet for the world and all the critics to see on Oscar night.

Take note: you have competition!

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