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FASHION WEEK: The Blonds!!!! Amazing Hair and Nails

Maggie Mulhern | February 13, 2013 | 7:54 AM

Familiar with "The BLONDS"? Rhianna, Fergie, Katy, Miley, Nikki, J-Lo, Beyonce...ARE, and wear The BLONDS fashions whenever they can. Designers Phillipe and David Blond create IN YOUR FACE, sparkly spectacles that let you know who is THE STAR.

FASHION WEEK: The Blonds!!!! Amazing Hair and NailsTheir presentation at New York Fashion Week is always one of the most coveted tickets. The crowd attending is as much a show as the SHOW itself. Filled with "Club Kids" and the most fashionistas of fashionistas, it is fun, fun, fun.

Obviously, the beauty must deliver. I stopped backstage to chat with hair lead Nick Irwin for TIGI and CND's Jan Arnold to get the Behind the Scenes scoop on the hair and nails.

"This is my first time working with the Blonds," says Nick Irwin for TIGI. "The inspiration is Hollywood movies with a nod to the fifties and sixties. The wigs were made for the show. We went in and cut them in styles and shapes very 60's-esque. We had to keep it modern with quirkiness, paying homage to that period."

For nails, we got a very special treat. Jan Arnold, who has been working with the BLONDS for years, arrived with THE nails to be worn by Phillipe himself. "Phillipe always wants more bling. He wanted his nails pointy, long and very 'Dorothy Click Your Heels'. These ended up at $2000, after thousands of crystals and hundreds of hours." Jan says it best: "It's a set of nails for a beautiful blonde."

Check out these two videos to get the scoop from the beauty team directly. Is it all over the top? Oh...yes.  Fabulously.

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