Tony Odisho

About the Company

How does Tony Odisho help salons drive revenue?
There’s no better way to drive revenue than by doing more big-ticket services. Our team provides the training, coaching and consultation to show stylists not only how to install the extensions, but how to con? dently recommend clients get extensions. Our experience indicates that at least 30 percent of a salon’s female clientele could be extensions customers—after all, 40 percent of women have visible hairloss by age 40.

A client who has had her thinning hair problem solved beautifully will want to tell all her friends about the salon and extensions that changed her life. Tony Odisho extensions can generate $10,000 to 20,000 per year in extra revenue per stylist.

What is Tony Odisho’s research and product development background?
Our research and product development always starts working in the salon, as being a stylist and salon owner gives Tony Odisho himself an in-depth understanding of the needs of clients and stylists alike. Early on, he observed that many of his female clients suffered from thinning hair, which affected both their appearance and their self-con? dence. He also saw the extensions available to him did not provide the natural look or ease of installation that both his clients and his stylists needed, so he decided to start a hair extensions company.

Client, stylist and salon owner feedback is closely considered when deciding on what products to produce and what features they should have.


Tony Odisho

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