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What resources does Raquel Welch provide for salons?
Our parent company, HairUWear, provides salons and independent stylists with all the tools needed to add ready-to-wear hair services to their salon service menu. A dedicated HairUWear account representative can customize a program specifically for your business needs, taking into account the salon size, clientele and price range. In-studio training is also available. These customized events are tailored to the needs of your business.

What charitable efforts is Raquel Welch involved in?
HairUWear is a sponsor of the American Cancer Society. What spokespeople, educators or all-star stylists represent Raquel Welch? Raquel Welch is a screen legend, beauty icon and the creative director of the Raquel Welch Wig Collection. Her mission is to make women even more beautiful than they already are.

What education does Raquel Welch provide?
HairUWear On the Road teaches about our wigs during a one-day, hands-on workshop. The class teaches the differences in cap constructions and hair fiber, including human hair. Practice hands-on wig customization including: cutting, styling, texturizing, steaming and size alterations. You’ll learn wig consultation tips, whether your client requests products for fashion or convenience, or if they are experiencing hairloss. You’ll also learn ways to efficiently increase your service revenues and build your retail wig business with strategies that take the client from initial consultation all the way through to post-purchase wig care.

What is Raquel Welch's research and product development background?
Innovation has always played an important role in the Raquel Welch Collection. All Raquel Welch wigs, except those that are 100-percent hand-tied, are made with our patented Memory Cap construction. Raquel Welch Memory Cap II wigs are made with a light, thin, resilient stretch material that actually memorizes the shape of the head in one hour. It feels custom-fit. It looks custom-made.


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