About the Company

When and why did Follea get involved in hairloss?
Founder and CEO Daniel Hafid has more than 30 years of hair-industry experience.
He has traveled the globe in his quest to intertwine craftsmanship, artistic inspiration
and design innovation with medical research to create fine wigs and hair enhancements
that achieve the closest resemblance and texture to one’s own hair. Follea launched in
2002 and was formed to help women overcome the effects of excessive hairloss through
alopecia or chemotherapy. Through our medical and research company, Daniel Alain
Life Science, we’re committed to finding a cure for hairloss. We are pioneering new
therapies in hair and scalp conditions using biological and medical research to
develop breakthroughs in drugs and medical-device products.

Which Follea products generate the most buzz?
Our Gripper Wigs offer women living with total hairloss the chance to live an active lifestyle. The Gripper uses patented technology to hold the wig securely in place using medical-grade silicone Gripper panels. Silicone is very low in toxicity and reactivity, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin. Using the Gripper Wig, women who experience total hairloss know the wig will not become loose, even if they go running, horseback riding or relax in a convertible with the top down. The wigs are ventilated using the finest natural human hair in a straight with
natural body texture style. Available in any of our 13 TruLife colors and lengths, women can color, curl, iron, or perm their wigs the same way they would their own hair, and the wigs are cut to whatever style chosen with the given hair length.

How does Follea help salons drive revenue?
By partnering with Daniel Alain, salon owners and certified artists can establish a profitable service and rely on quality products that exceed client expectations. Due to the prestigious quality and premium price of our Follea wig and hair enhancement products, stylists are able to offer wig styling, cutting and coloring to clients on quieter days. For example, a stylist could charge $600+ for that appointment and be able to dramatically increase their monthly revenue.

What education does Follea provide?
We are building a national network of certified artists who have been trained through our Daniel Alain Academy, and Sophie Hafner is one of our highly educated artists out of Follea’s Beverly Hills Salon. The academy provides wig-application training and styling courses to qualify you as a certified Daniel Alain artist at specific locations nationwide.

What charitable efforts is Follea involved in?
With every Follea product purchased, the DA Foundation takes a percentage of the sale and pays it forward to DA Life Science to conduct research to develop therapies in hairloss treatment. The House of Daniel Alain welcomes the opportunity to join forces with international organizations whose integrated approaches to emotional counseling, trichology, biotech and other service sectors would enable us to provide much-needed support through the DA Foundation.