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ST200 Portraits of Success (2009)

September 25, 2011

About the Event

Could you pick the owner of one of the nation’s fastest-growing salons out of a crowd? What would be your clue—the bold smile, the confident air, the edgy yet professional attire?

It might be harder than you’d expect. As you can see from the faces who grace our cover and the profiles that run throughout this special issue, ST200 owners represent a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Nevertheless, ST200 salons share a number of success characteristics, which allow us to paint a portrait of the typical ST200 owner, using a brush dipped in their collective achievements.

Typical ST200 Owner:

  • Started the salon in 2001.
  • Has a single location that occupies 4,596 square feet.
  • Acquired an average of $1,596,780 in gross revenues for 2007.
  • Considers themselves a day spa.
  • Experienced a 20-percent average increase from 2006 to 2007.
  • Charges an average of $47.63 for a shampoo, c



ST200 Portraits of Success (2009)

Georgetown, DC


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