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Pursuing TV Talent with a Trade Arrangement

September 10, 2011

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A Trade Arrangement Drives New Business

By arranging a business-to-business trade with the largest television station in its hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, Panache Salon & Spa of Erie tapped into a fountain of publicity that resulted in a renewal of salon pride and an avalanche of new clients.

“We approached the station’s management and learned that some on-air personalities were dissatisfied with their current arrangement,” say Jim Farrell, director of operations. Within two months, the salon was servicing a new clientele of top anchors and reporters in exchange for advertising.   

“The benefits on part of the station were immediately realized,” says Farrell. “The personalities’ hairstyles looked amazing, and they exuded much more confidence in their positions. They loved being treated as VIPs in our salon, and they raved about our staff and superior service.”

As the advertising bank grew, the salon began a campaign of commercia



Pursuing TV Talent with a Trade Arrangement

Georgetown, DC