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Salon Coordinator Program/Eufora International

March 31, 2012 to April 2, 2012

About the Event

The salon coordinator is more than a receptionist, they are the first opportunity for a salon's success. Clients will often have their intial salon experience with the front desk staff, which leaves the client with a lasting impression, good or bad. Front desk staff are often viewed as an expense to the salon owner, but in fact, they are an asset to the growth, environment and reputation of the salon. To educate salons across North America on managing the potential of the salon coordinator, Eufora has added the new Salon Coordinator Program business course to the 2012 YOU School Advanced Academy schedule. The goal of the new course is to provide the systems to teach and transform the role of the front desk into a position that is the catalyst for salon systems to run well. The Salon Coordinator Program will be taught by Eufora's Global Team member, Joanne Magana, a 25-year salon veteran.



YOU School

Carlsbad, CA