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Allure Luxury Lashes & Certification

January 4, 2015 to January 5, 2015

About the Event

2 Days - includes training materials. (full lash kit, food, and beverages). These type of lash extensions are the most “natural” looking. At “Allure” luxury lashes we will teach you how to customize lash extensions to fit the unique shape of your clients eyes. These lash extensions will grow out with your natural lashes and are so light weight you don’t even realize you are wearing them. The application process is longer than with cluster lashes, but many clients and celebrities use these and they look so natural, people will not detect them as extensions, but wonder what you did differently. They enhance your natural beauty! Along with this training, we offer a complimentary “Aromatherapy” workshop that will enhance the environment where you do your eyelash application. Your client does not only leave looking beautiful, they also feel amazing and are relaxed because of the aromatherapy experience you lead them into. Additional Training Work

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Jennifer Adler

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