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Laara Raynier Presents: Hands-on Haircutting and Color

September 20, 2015 to September 20, 2015

About the Event

Hands-on Haircutting and Color on Live Models! Sunday, September 20th at the Damian West Salon from 10AM-6PM This workshop features two color demonstrations and hands-on haircutting & color. Hands-on Haircut & Color: $450 1. Long-Lasting Red Color Demonstration The morning will begin with a presentation on how to create long-lasting reds on a live model, we’ll takes you through one of the most challenging techniques in hair color to achieve, lasting reds. You will learn how to: Formulate and achieve long-lasting red. 2. Hands-on Haircutting with Laara Raynier: Blending and Layering Long Hair The Consultation Cutting advanced techniques featuring point-cutting, texturizing, and face-framing made simple. Face-framing made simple. 3. Balayage Demonstration: We will work on a live model during the demo portion of the class, to showcase this technique that is critically important for any colorist to be proficient with. Balayage will focus on taking your clients’ hair



Damian West Salon

237 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014


Laara Raynier
(212) 995-9334

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