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Domestic Violence Sensitivity Training

April 25, 2016 to April 25, 2016

About the Event

Hair stylists and others in the service industry interact with many different people each day. Because of this, we are an integral part of our communities and can have an immense impact on the lives of our clients and business contacts. The purpose of this class is to educate hair stylists and service industry professionals about domestic violence. I believe that, together, we may prevent future violence and contribute to healing our communities from within. This class will provide professionals with tools to respond safely, when we come across individuals who may be experiencing some type of violence in their homes. We are more than the services we provide. In a time of change and transition, and as important members of our community, we can have a huge, positive effect. Join Melina in the fight against domestic violence and become part of the solution. 3 hour watch & learn 3 CE hours



Antje Kastner's Studio

4222 N Ravenswood Ave unit #106
Chicago, IL 60613


Antje Kastner

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