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Day 2 - On Trend: Hair & Fashion Directly from London / Two-Day Event

October 23, 2016

About the Event

First Time Ever! Laara Raynier is Teaming Up With British Master Haircutter, Greg Morgan to Present: The Hottest Haircuts, Styling & Fashion Trends in London, The Capital of Hair & Fashion, Fall 2016 You will see in two days, four different haircuts that are trending now in London. Day 2 – Morning Session: We will be demonstrating famous iconic women and their haircuts, with a 2016 twist. Inspiration, techniques, and styling that you can bring back to the salon and use on your clients. Lunch Break We provide lunch & beverages. Day 2 – Afternoon Session: Experience hands-on training in an intimate setting on LIVE models with master haircutters, Laara Raynier and Greg Morgan: Learn and perfect haircutting and styling techniques that you learned in the morning session. Expand your precision haircut and styling techniques This is a special two-day event designed for you to see and experience what’s happening in London in hair & fashion.

425 for one day. $775 for two days


Damian West Salon

237 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014


Lara Raynier
(212) 995-9334

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