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Wahl Bridging the Gap & Clipper Essentials Look and Learn

August 7, 2017

About the Event

Become A Barber-Stylist Are you at the point in your career where you desire to expand your skills? Are you tired of being restricted with whom you can service in your salon because you aren't quite sure how to manage the taper or fade with your clippers? This class is for you! Upon completion you will be confident in laying down your shears for your clippers, truly becoming a Barber-Stylist! Let?s face it; clippers can be intimidating if you aren?t using them properly. In this class you will learn basic barbering techniques; the correct way to hold your comb and clipper to effortlessly produce consistent results. Learn how to properly maintain and care for your clippers to ensure superior performance. You will gain understanding of how to choose the right tools to achieve your vision. We will highlight the Male Consultation and what they look for when choosing a stylist. Learning how to use your clipper properly will expand your skills to grow your business.



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