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Braidlab I+ II

May 14, 2018

About the Event

Get your skills in shape with Luxe Academy's Braiding Bootcamp for both beginners and advanced braiders. Choose from Braid Lab I, a comprehensive hands on class for beginners or anyone wanting to polish and perfect their skills. You will replicate many of the most common braids requested and hone your basic finger mechanics to confidently achieve polished, modern looks OR choose Braid Lab II, an advanced workshop for elaborate and complicated braided looks that can be incorporated into updo's or editorial styles. This class will take your braiding to an extreme level as you learn how to braid for bridal, avant garde and bohemian looks and how to change the mood of your style through expansion and deconstruction techniques. The next time your client shows you pictures you will have the confidence to decipher and achieve the look. Challenge yourself and register for both Braid Lab I + II.

Luxelab Academy


Luxelab Academy

1408 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Colette Simon

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