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Keune Color Basics & Formulation Combo Look & Learn

May 7, 2018

About the Event

This is a combination class with Keune Color Basics in the morning and Keune Foundational Formulation in the afternoon. If you are new to Keune Hair Color and looking to improve your basic knowledge of our color and color support products, this class is perfect for you! In this theory-based class we introduce you to the world of Keune Hair Color. Get an in-depth understanding of how Keune Color is designed to work and who it’s designed to be used on. Take Tinta Color Basics to the next level with Foundational Formulation. Explore how Natural Level, Underlying Pigment, Keune Tonalities, and Percentage of Grey can effect your Keune color choice and your end result. You will leave this program feeling confident behind the chair, whether you’re formulating for gray coverage or the perfect blonde shade.

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