Modern Salon

October 2015

Haircolor: Deb Gavin for Keratin Complex
Cut, style: Laurie Haney
Photography: Babak
Makeup: Michelle Coursey
Fashion styling and art director: Ivie Richman

Color trends, techniques, innovations and inspirations change so quickly that, as a colorist who pursues advanced education and actively follows influencers on social media, it’s tough to get bored.

But what gets colorists’ attention on Instagram isn’t always in-tune with what clients really want. Did you know highlighting and single-process color continue to be the most in-demand color services?

To help color professionals grasp and grow their haircolor potential, MODERN conducted a comprehensive Haircolor Research Study, surveying both salon professionals and consumers, to determine top reasons clients don’t come to the salon for color, how to attract and retain color clients and convert at-home DIYers to regulars. We also studied the benchmarks in color pricing, products and retail practices.

The results of the Haircolor Research Study are included in this digital edition of MODERN in the PROCESS color resource guide, in addition to details on top-trending application and techniques, profiles of leading color brands and the colorists who need to be on your radar.

In addition to the bonus PROCESS included with this issue of MODERN, this edition features page after page of inspiration on vibrants and pastels, including formulas and application techniques to minimize fadage and maximize accent detailing.

As you page through MODERN and the bonus PROCESS resource and continue to learn more about your color client, and prospective clients, remember that the inspiration and learning continues beyond the page at

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Plex Appeal

Modern Salon | October 1, 2015

Previously, salon professionals discussed bonds in relation to breaking them and reforming them—but never multiplying them or cross-linking them. Thanks to chemistry, hair anatomy expertise and the power of social media, addressing the bond has become one of the most important parts of the salon service—whether working with color, lightener, relaxers, perms and keratin smoothing.


Celebrity Style: Technicolor Spotlight

Jamie Newman | October 1, 2015

MTV’s Video Music Awards are synonymous with celebrities showing their wildest, most daring looks, and this year was no different. But among the craziness, plenty of stars’ style, makeup and, of course, hair shined. COPPER ...


Blurred Lines

George Papanikolas | August 24, 2015

The title of last summer’s hottest song is actually the key to this season’s hottest trend in haircolor. My celebrity clients are veering away from aggressive, high-contrast ombré color designs. However, they still like the natural ...


Wella Academy Tour: Essential Foiling

Maggie Mulhern | June 11, 2015

The Wella Masters Color Expert Program (MCE) is gaining momentum and spreading out around the U.S. Seminars and classes are being held not only in the Wella Studios (NY and LA), but in selected venues in various parts of the country. ...