Modern Salon

December 2015

For MODERN’s December issue, our editorial team gathered to take a look back at the year’s top beauty hashtags, buzzwords, and in-case-you-missed-it headlines and hairlines. This issue celebrates the trends and trend-makers that pushed the envelope into hair history.

It starts with our cover, which pays tribute to the year's most popular color trend—silver, gray, denim-infused locks. As you continue through the issue, it's page after page of 2015 throwback favorites including sombre, balayage, pastels and brights, even the lumbersexual (yes, this was a thing)—plus how to MODERNize (see what we did there) the trends to help them evolve into 2016.

In This Issue

Article One take on the
lumbersexual, as seen in
Sid Sottung Academy’s
Gangland collection. || Hair/creative direction: Sid Sottung || 
Assistants: Manya Mokhova, Anrey Gribkov, Alexandra
Pshebelskaya ||
Fashion styling: Pasha Palov and Nastasia Kaminskaya ||
Makeup: Ekaterina Tarakanova (photo credit: Darya Orlova)

Men's Trends in 2015: Year of the Lumbersexual

Lauren Quick | November 30, 2015

Maybe we’re oversimplifying a bit, but it seems like men’s trends went one of two ways in 2015: wild and free, or tight and trimmed.Man bun or undercut—the mystifying dilemma for men in 2015. Men’s business was ...


Philip Ring: The Pixel Haircolor Illusionist

Jamie Newman | November 20, 2015

2015 ushered in a wave of interpretations of the pixelated haircolor technique—no one owned the technique more than Philip Ring. AT A RECENT CLASS at Chicago’s Red7 Salon, educator, stylist and self-described amateur magician ...


It's a Stretch

Lauren Salapatek | November 30, 2015

Strength, balance and flexibility—is your workout achieving this golden trio? When focusing on cardio and lifting, even health-conscious people may overlook stretching as another essential component of staying agile, extending youthfulness ...


Tweezerman Celebrates Milestone

Anne Moratto | November 18, 2015

Tweezerman started in 1980, thirty five years ago, with a single product, the Splintertweeze which was prized for its quality and precision. Tweezerman then set out to develop an eyebrow tweezer with the same precise performance standard and the ...