Modern Salon

March 2019

Hair: Georgia Reed & Amanda Harsche for Malibu C

Photographer: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: David Maderich

Fashion stylist: Rod Novoa

Nails: Armani Je’ton

From The Editor

January felt like it lasted forever, February was over in a blink and it’s impossible to believe we’re going to press with our March issue. As the year unfolds, how are you holding up with your 2019 goals?

I stuck to my resolutions hardcore for about a month, then event travel picked up and I quickly fell out of routine. All of a sudden, I found myself making excuses for not sticking to my goals because of a lack of time and energy—when, in reality, it was lack of focus.

I’ve found that writing down my goals has made the biggest difference in not getting distracted from my priorities and, more importantly for me at least, writing down the why behind those goals (more happiness, energy, confidence, strength, etc.).

I recently received a One Minute Gratitude journal from my industry friend Ali Davidson, executive director at Associated Hair Professionals. The workbook is designed to be a quick way to transform and improve your mood and well-being through boosting optimism and focusing on life’s positives.

The book explains that in addition to focusing on what you’re feeling appreciative for, flipping back through previous entries allows you to reflect with fresh eyes and understanding of the journey you’ve been on.

When you hone in on what makes you feel good and the goals you want to achieve, it helps you to feel grounded, even if your routine is disrupted. The discipline of writing down your focus is a good reset to remember what is important and the why behind the goal.

In a recent post on Instagram, salon owner Jamie Sea @prettylittleombre wrote: “What are your bigger dreams? Start writing them down, saying them out loud, and start being your own biggest cheerleader. How many excuses are you making? It’s hard to look inward and face fear but you know what happens when you stop making excuses? You finally start getting stuff done. ‘I can’t change my job because no one will follow me.’ Yes they will. And if they don’t, you make room for new wonderful people. ‘I can’t charge more because people will leave me.’ 10% will leave, and you make room for the people who will gladly pay your rate. Every time you make an excuse, look inward. What are you really afraid of? Feel your feelings and find a solution. You are not meant to play little: learn, grow and start living.”

- Alison Alhamed, Editor in Chief, MODERN SALON

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