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Texture’s Breakout Moment - September 2013

Get in on the income-building opportunities! No longer a supporting player, texture has staked out a starring role at the salon.

Remember when you could barely find an established brand that carried even one product targeted to curly hair, much less an entire line? Times have changed! At CosmoProf this year, every brand had a texture focus. Brands that have been emphasizing volumizing formulas over products for curlies are starting to reverse that priority.

Follow the money? Yes! It’s just a matter of dollars. Brands are taking the texture category increasingly seriously because services and products for curly clients generate income. Curl-refreshers are rising to become top-selling products along with products that manipulate texture through defining and reforming the curl.

It’s still early enough in this texture renaissance for you to position yourself and your salon as texture trendsetters. Education is key, to learn not only how to cut and style all hair textures, but also how to provide services that dramatically change texture. This season, even updos are showing texture! The category includes smoothing services, but more and more artists and educators are talking about perming services, too, as straight-haired clients are beginning to put texture on their wish list. It’s also essential to update your knowledge for clients who want to transition from relaxing services to a natural look.

With formulas “teasing out” different textures, product knowledge is more important than ever. Clients are dependent on your professional eye to prescribe products that will nourish their individual texture and deliver the look when they do it at home.

Want to add texture dollars to your business? This issue of Texture!, a twice yearly collaboration between MODERN SALON and TextureMedia, offers an A-to-Z guide on how to become part of this lucrative conversation. Join up!

—The Texture! Editors

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