SALLY 50 Years of Beauty


How is SALLY celebrating?

SALLY has commissioned MODERN SALON to highlight and celebrate SALLY's 50 Years of Beauty with a special section in the May, 2014 issue. The section will include highlights of SALLY's heritage, highlight SALLY's plans for the future, address key trends and will also include tribute ads from SALLY partners – like you.

Who will see the special section?

This will go to MODERN SALON's full circulation of 100,000+ and to all of SALLY's key people and stores. Additionally, a digital edition will be aggressively distributed via SALLY and MODERN SALON online resources.

And, as a SALLY supporter you'll also be included in exclusive bonus editorial!

As a full page program supporter your content will be also included in a feature editorial that will emphasize special occasion and/or summer beauty trends.




Tribute advertising Options

• 1/3 Page $3,000
• Half Page $4,000
• Full Page $7,000
• Spread $13,000

What should my message look like?

• It should be a "tribute" ad in recognition of SALLY's achievement of 50 Years in Beauty.
• Looking for an example? Click here

How do I submit my ad?

1. Develop your ad to MODERN SALON's spec MODERN SALON's size requirements.
2. Submit your materials to MODERN SALON / Vance Publishing using our step by step instructions: How to use AdDesk.
Registration for AdDesk is required before materials can be submitted.

How do I submit my bonus editorial?

1. Provide 100 words to answer the following question about upcoming trends at SALLY:
"What can salon pros expect next at SALLY for special occasion and/or summer beauty trends?"
2. Include a 300dip image.
3. Include the name/title your spokesperson or vendor educator.
4. Send text and image to:
• Rosanne Ullman – Project Editor [email protected]
• Joyce Alverio – Editorial Coordinator [email protected]
Make sure your materials submitted before March 24th.

What's the deadline to be included in the special edition?
You must RSVP by March 10th 2014.

Still have questions?

• For ad material questions, contact Sherry Delvecchio at [email protected] or Jenny Barnette at [email protected]
• For editorial questions, contact Michele Musgrove at [email protected]