Hair Color ResearchHow well do you know hair color?

Most salon professionals would answer that question by talking about application and formulation skills, artistry and the results delivered for the client. But think again. How well do you really understand your color business? What access do you have to the facts, figures and habits driving hair color today?

To help color professionals grasp and grow their haircolor potential, MODERN SALON Media conducted a comprehensive, exclusive PROCESS HAIR COLOR RESEARCH STUDY, surveying both consumers and salon professionals, in order to deliver the most complete information and current insights on professional haircolor available today.

Research topics include:
• The clients you are missing—the ones who are not coming to salons for color. What are the top reasons keeping them away? What can you do to attract and convert them?
• The clients who do get color services at salons. When and why did they start coming? What do they value most? How do age and other factors influence their color behavior and their relationship with you?
• The state of today’s haircolor business in salons. What are the benchmarks in color pricing,profitability, products, purchasing, and more?
• Haircolor resources. What education and other haircolor support options can you tap into?
• Opportunities and next steps. What are some practical ideas and actions to help you leverage the findings of MODERN’s research?