Carmelo Zammitto Announces Rotation Shears

Jan Hillenmeyer | April 17, 2013 | 2:25 PM

Hair stylist and industrial designer Carmelo Zammitto holds a patent on the Rotation Design Ring, a feature of his Turn Heads Collection that includes the 360 Rotation S and Rotation Free shears. The ergonomic and versatile shears offer increased styling control and reduce stylist fatigue.

The Rotation S   shears pivots with 12 gear positions to increase cutting precision. The blades do not close completely, facilitating cutting techniques on wet or dry hair, including sliding, channeling and removing volume. The Rotation Free model rotates freely for unlimited positioning and control for detailed cutting on wet or dry hair.

Zammitto’s shears are constructed of premium grade metals and are manufactured and distributed by Tondeo AG in Solingen, Germany. For more information, visit or contact Carmelo Zammitto of CZ Mito Design at 617-331-0804.

Carmelo Zammitto Announces Rotation Shears                                                                Carmelo Zammitto Announces Rotation Shears

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