Nioxin Unveils New Products to Pump Up Thinning Hair

Maggie Mulhern | April 30, 2013 | 6:01 AM
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Nioxin unveiled a new and improved range of styling products for clients with thinning hair to the press at a launch in NYC. Salon owner and thinning hair expert Diane Cole Stevens led the conference which included an editor demonstration where each was invited to try the products on mannequin heads.

"Seventy-eight percent of salon clients are concerned with thinning hair," says Stevens. "However, it is a topic that few people feel comfortable discussing, making it even harder to address.  NIOXIN is dedicated to addressing the topic of thinning by advocating positive and proactive solutions and providing stylists, like me, the tools and education we need to overcome barriers to thinning."

While demonstrating on a model, Stevens emphasized that the challenge can be  creating volume, making it look denser or caring for fragile hair. "NIOXIN understands that thinning hair needs to be treated differently," she adds. "The completely redesigned styling range offers the latest technologies and ingredients to provide stylists and their thinning clients with the tools they need to realize the fullest potential of their hair."

The products in NIOXIN’s styling collection are designed to be lightweight on hair yet strong on style, delivering results that clients with thinning hair are looking for a finished, full look with lightweight style.

The full range includes:

•  Thickening Spray – Adds texture and long-lasting body for thicker-looking hair

•  Thickening Gel – Provides strong hold, giving shape, texture and shine for a thicker-looking effect

•  Therm Activ Protector – Protects against breakage and leaves hair shiny

•  Bodifying Foam – Provides hold and body while creating a fuller, thicker end look

•  Definition Crème – Smooths hair while providing definition, refining texture and leaving hair soft and shiny

•  Rejuvenating Elixir – Helps rejuvenate hair’s texture, so it’s soft to the touch while allowing for natural movement

•  NioSpray Regular Hold – Provides a light hold, designed for thin looking hair creating a fuller looking effect

• NioSpray Extra Hold – Provides extra hold that sets style firmly and helps to create a fuller looking effect


“Thinning hair is delicate, like fine silk, and often needs special care to maintain its soft flowing texture," adds Stevens. "NIOXIN's new stylers uniquely support and maintain the fullness of the style even on very fine and delicate strands, promoting thicker fuller looking hair.”

The newly designed NIOXIN styling lineup features advanced technologies that provide styling solutions specifically customized for thinning hair:


•  PRO-THICKtechnology for fuller, thicker locks: A complex of thickening polymers that deposit forming bonds between the strands creating space that gives a thickening appearance, This technology makes the desired style easier to achieve and results in a visual thickening effect on the hair.


•  LIGHTPLEX technology for lightweight effects on thinning hair: A professional technology with polymers and conditioning agents, that provides a lightweight balanced styling without a stiff feeling.


One of the most exciting introductions at the press conference was the emphasis on NIOXIN's long standing commitment to stylist education, creating an educational platform to help the salon professional better address the unique styling needs of clients experiencing thinning. Accordingly, NIOXIN has created  three “styling principles” to help stylists care for and style their client’s thinning hair to its full potential.


→ FOCUS ON THE BASE: Focuson blow-drying at the base to create a gentle liftfor a more voluminous look

→ CREATING VOLUME: Focus on creating volume rather than height to create denser looking hair

→ THE RIGHT PRODUCTS: Use of gentle, lightweight styling products is crucial to creating thicker looking hair


NIOXIN also offers ongoing education classes and online seminars, allowing stylists to fully understand the intricacies of their client’s thinning needs from shampoo to styling. For more information on these classes please

For more information about the new products, go to

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