FAR Botanicals

Chandler Rollins | May 31, 2013 | 9:55 AM

Thin may be in, but FAR Botanicals is on a mission to "put the fat back into hair care." Since 2011 FAR Botanicals has been manufacturing professional, premium grade, fatty acid-rich formulas for salons and spas.

FAR (short for fat and rich) is striving to redefine the cultural desire to wash hair "squeaky clean." A line of gentle sulfate-free shampoos, fatty-acid moisturizers, styling and setting formulas, aim to correct this damage, leaving hair in a healthier state.

Inspired by ancestral hair care rituals from cultures in Asia, Africa and South America, their products' formulas are 95% or greater natural, naturally-derived and certified organic ingredients. These carefully selected plant oils are designed to sustain and replenish the hair and scalp without leaving hair heavy, sticky or greasy. All products are 100% silicone and petrochemical free.

FAR Botanicals is sold online at www.farbotanicals and through selected salons in Ohio.

FAR Botanicals

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