Le Mieux O2 Calming Gel

Lauren Salapatek | August 26, 2013 | 1:52 PM

Le Mieux O2 Calming GelFor those who are rosacea-prone or experiencing irritation and inflammation after removing make-up, waxing, chemical peels, IPL and extraction, Le Mieux introduces a powerful skin relief solution, O2 Calming Gel, which hydrates while instantly soothing and reducing redness.

“This soothing O2 Calming Gel is a must-have item for estheticians performing microdermabrasion, peels, hair removal, extractions and any aggressive skin treatment, especially on rosacea-prone or sensitive skin clients,” explains Janel Luu, CEO of Le Mieux. “While its primary function is to calm irritated skin, it also provides hydration, and can be used prior to a mask service, or mixed into a cream mask for added hydration. It’s also an effective conducting gel for use with ultrasound machines, and helps product penetrate deeply into skin.” O2 Calming Gel works on all skin types, including acne, rosacea and sensitive skin.

O2 Calming Gel contains:

Green and white tea extracts: antioxidants that protect and prevent damage from UV rays, reduce inflammation and irritation, while inhibiting the breakdown of collagen in the skin;

Hyaluronic acid: which hydrates and plumps skin with up to 1000 times more water than its own weight, replenishing moisture levels in the skin for improved suppleness and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Allantoin: an antioxidant and anti-irritant that promotes cell proliferation and moisturizes skin.

Various botanical extracts such as: oat, grapeseed, aloe vera, comfrey, which help to soothe and calm skin.

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