Colour Bunz as an Alternative to Foil and as a Styling Tool

Lauren Quick | January 24, 2014 | 8:18 AM
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Barbara Forgione says the Colour Bunz make it easy to check color by simply checking the inside of the Bunz channel. The Bunz also protect the hair product from the environment to prevent drying out and unwanted brassy color.
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Colour Bunz are especially useful for curly hair, Forgione says. The Bunz can be wrapped around curls and are much lighter than foil.
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In addition to coloring, Forgione uses the Bunz for styling. They can add volume or serve as a styling base for twists and chignons.
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Tampa, Fla., stylist and salon owner Barbara Forgione has found a way to avoid foils and other coloring methods for her clients. She utilizes Colour Bunz to color and style a variety of hair types.

“It enables the user to isolate and separate sections of hair to be colored,” Forgione says. She adds that there are several ways to use the Colour Bunz: highlights, lowlights, corrective color where you want it, multiple colors, and in styling for curls and waves, a base for chignons, French twists and volume.

The versatile product can also be used in place of perm rods, and Forgione says that the Bunz are particularly useful in coloring curly hair. Curls don’t have to be combed out, she says; they can simply be colored and put in the Bunz.

Forgione says one of the best features of the Colour Bunz might be that they are reusable. Unlike foils, which are thrown away after one use, the Bunz can be put in a mesh bag, thrown in a washing machine and then air-dried.

For more information on Colour Bunz, go to and check out the video below.

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