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O'Right Champagne Rose Botanical Range

September 29, 2011 | 11:12 AM

The Champagne Rose Botanical Range was developed to provide moisture to hair and skin, as well as protect color treated hair. The key ingredient that provides natural moisturizing is Champagne Rose essential oil. This essential oil also gives the range its distinct crisp rose fragrance. For color preservation and anti-oxidation the Champagne Rose range uses Wasabia Japonica root extract. That’s right it’s wasabi! Champagne Rose products also utilize ECOCERT certified organic surfactants to create a creamy hypoallergenic lather that is easy to rinse.

The bottle’s packaging has a modern form factor that is reminiscent of a wine bottle. The bottles have a HDPE recycle code of 2 and are printed with soy-based ink. All of O’right’s botanical lines are color coded for easy identification on the salon shelf or at home. Champagne Rose’s packaging accent color is a warm tan.

O’Right’s Champagne Rose botanical range consists of body wash, conditioner, essential oil treatments and shampoo.

The body wash produces a light, refreshing lather that leaves the skin naturally moisturized. The conditioner is available in a 400ml (13.6 oz) bottle and works at a pH of 3. The Champagne Rose essential oil treatment set is a professional, in-salon treatment that is perfect for after a color service. It can be custom formulated at the shampoo basin to provide just the right amount of moisture for a specific client.