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H2PRO Black Onyx Styling Tool

October 19, 2011 | 12:59 PM

The H2PRO Black Onyx features smooth, snag-free baked ceramic plates coated with tourmaline and black onyx, naturally occurring gemstones which release a high level of negative ions.The negative ions help break down the water molecules, which become easily absorbed into the hair.

Other features include: a PTFC heater which can instantly recover heat with the help of the Turbo V12 Technology, which kicks in via a trigger when the iron is physically passed through hair, and allows high temperatures to remain extremely constant even during damp hair styling.

The iron features far-infrared heat ranging from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; Nano Hi Tech, a combination of nano-silver, nano-titanium and nano-titanium dioxide technologies, which remove chemical build-up, toxins, bacteria, static, and other impurities, leaving hair healthy and shiny; three layers of baked ceramic plates, which help retain the high heat; a 360-degree swivel cord; floating plates that balance as the tool passes through hair; a no slip grip at the tip so that the tool can be closed for an extended period of time without burning the fingers; a heat resistant, thermal plastic design in iridescent black; and a damp to dry styling function which allows the iron to remain at high temperatures while styling damp hair.

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