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Onycal Calcium Powder

January 25, 2012 | 10:00 AM

Onycal, a 100 percent natural non-chemical Calcium Powder which is mixed into gel or acrylic products, is easy-to-use, non-toxic and odorless. It's compatible with all gels and acrylics and does not change the manufacturers' application methods. Onycal makes gels/acrylics porous, strengthens them and keeps the natural nail surface dry while minimizing chipping and lifting. Time between fills can be extended to 10-12 weeks if needed without recurring nail repairs.


Gels/acrylics become porous, natural nails can now breathe without adding more chemicals or irritants and Onycal eliminates breakdown of natural nails caused by the inability to get air into and moisture out of the nail bed.  Happier clients experience healthy nails under gels/acrylics and nail techs experience increased sales because clients don't need to take breaks from getting nails done to allow nail damage to grow out.