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JRS Superstar Turbo Blow Dryer

February 10, 2012 | 9:19 AM

The Professional Turbo Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer by JRS Superstar was created by beauty icons Adam and Janine Shuman (Naked Hair Salon & More). This product is designed to stimulate new hair growth due to the 1 million negative ions and infrared heat. This dryer dries hair faster while eliminating static and frizz.


Built-in Ionic Generator with Far-Infrared Heat

Dries hair 50 percent faster while stimulating hair growth. The red light retards DHT which is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Red LED @ 640 NM (wavelength) retards hair loss & stimulates new growth

Leaves hair Silky Smooth, Shiny and Static-Free

Professional-grade Ceramic Heating Coil

Easy Cleanable Vents

Ultra Lightweight

4-Step Switch—stop/cool/low heat/high heat

Low Electric Magnetic Field

Cool Shot Button

AC 120V / 60Hz and 1300 Watts equivalent to 2000 Watts

Long-life, 1200 Hour Motor / weighs only 11ounces